Behavior Adjustment – incest video!


Paisley is the laziest sis on the block. She wakes up late in the afternoon and doesnt do shit around the house.

Unfortunately, today her parents have requested that her bro makes sure she does all her chores. Paisley was not too happy about this one bit. Her bro threatens to call mom and dad, and thats when she gets smart.

She asks if maybe theres some way her bro will do it for her? There is! Suck his cock until he comes. It came out to be a fair trade, and a great deal ;).

The next day, Paisley greets her bro in bed and admits shes starting to have feelings for him just as strong as his are for her. They both know its wrong, but if they can keep it a secret, maybe it will be ok.

Paisley not only sealed her lips and swallowed the key, but she also swallowed her bros fat jizm load after she gave him yet another BJ. This relationship is starting to be mutually beneficial.

The next day, bro stumbles across Paisley smoking in the bathroom, which is a huge no-no. He might have let it slide, but her attitude about it was just straight up surly. He gives her two options: mom and dad find out or she lets him fuck her pussy. Guess which one Paisley chose?

They immediately moved things to the bed and bro made sure Paisley got fucked just right to learn her lesson, and left her with a juicy creampie so that this time the lesson would actually STICK.

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